Apr 8, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I am working on an ecommerce website at the moment which is using a custom service which integrates with the clients ordering/crm system but I would like to also setup a small drupal site under the same domain for use by there sales teams. The issue im having is that I would like this second site to be set up in a subfolder such as and not on a sub-domain, The trouble starts however when the ecommerce provider will not allow us to upload the drupal software to there managed servers so I need to set the drupal site up on a differant server.

Does anyone know the dns changes I would need to make to allow the subfolder to be pointed at a different host whilst still showing the same domain name to visitors?


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Apr 27, 2006
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I don't believe you'll be able to do this (point a subfolder to another host) with DNS. As such you'll need another solution, either something with a subomaind or a transparent redirect with an iframe if they'll allow that in the subfolder, but imo thats an approach that might cause you problems later.