Pointing domain to subdomain/subdirectory


Aug 12, 2005

I have a question that I will state in general terms to make the problem and solution more... general. I have a domain that we can call old.net and I have newly registered another domain that we may call new.com. Now, instead of having two web hotels for the two domains, I would like to park new.com to a subdomain, i.e. new.old.net, or if that is not possible, to a subdirectory, i.e. old.net/new.

Because old.net points to [old IP]~old it should be possible to point new.com to [old IP]~old/new, shouldn't it? My web provider says that it is not possible, but I'm quite certain that if it is thinkable (as it is) then it can be done somehow. The provider (nomonthlyfees.com) is using Cpanel. Can I even make the right configuration myself, or could that be against the rules?

Can anyone please instruct me how to do it so I can tell my web provider what they should do? It is possible, isn't it?

/Fredrik Bendz