SOLVED Pointing the domain to the DNS Server's IP direct


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Aug 31, 2014
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Hi guys,
I'm using cPanel DNS Server to link all my servers to it, to be able to move any hosted cPanel account from one server to another without asking my customer to change his Nameservers.

Now, I'm facing a new issue with my customers where some of them are using Cloudflare Nameservers and they want to point their domains to my server's IP direct instead of using my Nameservers.
So, is there any option to allow them to point their domains to my DNS Server's IP instead of the actual server's IP where their account is hosted, then the DNS Server's IP forwards them to the actual server's IP?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Nope - Cloudflare nameservers are their own thing. If the user wants their protection system, they have to use their nameservers. If they did somehow point to you, that would defeat the protections that Cloudflare offers.

You could always require your users to point directly to your systems and just tell them they can't use Cloudflare, but that is completely up to you.
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