Poor MySql performance after cPanel installation - how modify MySql parms?


Sep 8, 2011
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Hello People

I already have a shared hosting service with lot of accesses to database (some 20/30 per second). That hosting has MySql very well configured, because when listing processes, they never exceeds 2-3 seconds, never having more than 3-4 processes on queue, so all runs ok there. I use BLOB fields to show pictures, so tmp tables are necessary as I read in manual.

But I heard I should move soon to VPS machine because shared services probably won´t support anymore this traffic.

I installed a VPS - cPanel machine and made mirror-copy of my databases to it, then I set my scripts to work with these data to check if VPS really works so fine on it.

To my surprise, on VPS machine appeared lot of "copying to tmp table", "sorting tmp table" and "login" commands on processes queue (some times until 60 - 80 entries), many of them lasting 30 - 40 seconds to excecute.

No need to say performance became so bad I decided return to my old shared hosting until find a solution.

My question is: where on cPanel can I modify MySql (or maybe PHP) parameters to increase database performance? I know there are several parameters like buffer-size, temp tables size and other that can be changed, for example in this link they are well explained. It is necessary edit linux or apache files to get this?


thanks in advance