Pop3 Login shows -ERR Sorry cannot find new root device on 1 Domain Only: Webmail OK


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Apr 30, 2003
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Ok a little background ... ...
Version: 6.4.0-RELEASE_19
Linux Version 7.2 Redhat

One Domain (on dedicated IP) has an issue in regards to email. Unable to login via pop3 - Webmail works fine though .

telnet to the mailserver is fine -
it resolves - however when trying to log into the act unable 2 here is the error msg:

+OK POP3 [DarkORB cppop 3.0] at [207.44.xxx.xxx]
user [email protected]
+OK Need a password
pass passwordenteredhere
-ERR Sorry cannot find new root device

Connection to host lost.

Any suggestions ? ? ?

found the issue & fix

The ip address for the mail server must be pointed via dns to the ip of the server and not the ip of the site itself.
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Dec 26, 2001
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this is usually caused by cpanel being installed on top of ensim; their

/lib/libnss_ensimvwh.so.2 modifies some syscalls that mess things up.

Renaming it and running ldconfig should fix it.

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