POP3 not working, but for new accounts only.


Jan 14, 2005
Good Afternoon,

I am currently having an odd problem on just one of my servers. All new customers or new pop3 accounts created with current customers do not pop; any already established pop3 accounts work just fine. However the defaulted user that is created when a new account is create, that address works.

Now the odd things are that the new accounts will work via web mail, and in Outlook/Express/Thunderbird but sending mail only. Yes we require authentication. So the accounts are getting created. The accounts also accept email, which I can view, but again in web mail only.

This problem has just started, now the only item that has changed is that MailScanner was installed. However I ran the free version now for about two weeks no problems. I have opened a ticket with configservers; it was suggested to try the following commands.


This did not fix the problem.

When tailing the mail log the only item I get is
“Command stream end of file while reading line user”

I have tried the following items
killall -9 cppop
/scripts/restartsrv cppop

check for this and disable it cpanel does not need it
/etc/xinetd.d/popa3d “Is not there.”

service xinetd restart
service cpanel restart

domain name entries are available in /etc/localdomains and /ets/trueuserdomains files.

Nothing seems to work.
I have even use cPanel’s email.reg to config Outlook Express, this did not work.

Again this is only affecting new pop3 accounts and only the means to login via a third party mail client.


Jan 14, 2005
Found the problem.. It looks like there was a conflict some how with the stunnel.

did a more ipop3 and found it enabled.

Changed to disabled = yes

did a service cpanel stop
service xinitd restart
service cpanel start

All is well.