Port 2077 and 2078 are blocked.. wtf?


Dec 14, 2010

i have one annoying problem... I go to my cpanel url, login and try to install a web disk... first i got this message: IE could not open https://mydomain.com:2078 as a web Folder. Would you like to see its default view instead?

I click YES.

But then i got another error: There was a problem connecting to the WebDisk service. Please make sure ports 2078 (SSL) and 2077 are not firewalled.

My firewall is off, i dont have a router. What can be wrong? :mad: Its possible that my internet service provider block this ports?

Please help me :(


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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Do you have root access to the server via the WebHost Manager and SSH? If you do not, or do not know what this means, you will need to contact your host for assistance.

If you do have root access, make sure the cpdavd service is running. Make sure it is enabled in Main >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager. Next, log into the shell and make sure that it is listening on the needed ports:

# netstat nalp|grep 2077
# netstat nalp|grep 2078
If there is no output, then nothing is listening. Try restarting the service:

# /scripts/restartsrv_cpdavd
You mentioned having the firewall disabled locally, but the server may have firewall rules in place that block the DAV ports, and the network that hosts the server may also have firewall rules. If you are the server administrator, please submit a ticket so that we may look at your configuration directly and help you resolve the problem.