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Possible? 1 cPanel per domain on shared host account?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dmontano, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. dmontano

    dmontano Registered

    Nov 29, 2009
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    California, USA

    disclaimer: I am a newbie. I have searched on this forum and could not find a thread that provided an answer to what I was searching for - so here I ask...

    I have 6 domain names I registered with godaddy. 1 of the domain names will represent my enterprise (parent company) that will NOT sell products, the other 5 will represent DBAs (child businesses) that will sell products.

    I have never created a website before - so all is new to me.

    Well, I found a hosting company and obtained a shared hosting account (my thoughts are if traffic goes up - I will migrate the site to a more robust hosting package - like dedicated hosting).

    I chose one of the my domains that will sell products (a child business) since I thought it would be a good idea to develop the site for the domain that would be more complex versus the parent company's site.

    I originally thought I would get 1 host account per domain (I thought that was the way it all worked). Then I discovered that you can "Addon" domains through the cPanel front end interface and that has led to a few observations and questions.

    1. If I "Addon" domains to my existing host account - it allows me to develop the sites without the added expense of separate host accounts. This sounds great, but I have read a few threads that indicate Addons domains may be a little shaky, etc. Should I be concerned about this?

    2. Since I created a host account for one of my child domains first, the parent company would now be a domain of the child - this is backwards in my mind and I would prefer to reverse the two. Is that possible? In other words, I would prefer to have the parent company as the host account, and the child business as Addon domains - just seems like a better way to do it.

    3. When I Addon a domain to my existing domain through cPanel, I noticed I did not "get" a new cPanel for the new domain - I still had one interface to manage the two sites. That seems like it would get real confusing for me and problematic - especially if I have different people "managing" the different child businesses. Sally from business "A" would be able to see John from business "B"s group of email accounts, etc.

    Is it possible to have a separate cPanel for each Addon domain? If so, do most hosting companies charge an amount that negates the cost benefit of creating Addon domains for a situation such as mine?

    Lastly, this all plays a critical part in me being able to configure the Google Apps business account that I want to integrate with my site. Since Google Apps would provide me the email and calendaring features that all of these business will require - integrating it into my sites mail name server (or whatever) seems to be critical in getting it all to work. (Which leads me to wonder what sort of headache I may be getting into if I have to migrate to dedicated hosting for any one of the businesses).

    Anyways, any help or insight is appreciated,
  2. InstaCarma_Tech

    InstaCarma_Tech Well-Known Member

    Apr 22, 2009
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    Not really. I have not experienced any such problems. And since you already said that you will consider moving to dedicated hosting when the traffic goes up, that takes care of it.

    Yes. This is very much possible. You can contact your host regarding this and they should be able to do it for free or a nominal fee depending upon their policies.

    There will be only one cPanel per account.

    Again, your host should do this for you.
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