Possible changes to the management of domains in cPanel


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Oct 23, 2009
We are starting the research phase for the next set of application changes and will be focused on the domain tools. Here is the draft specification so far. If anyone in the community has additional input or suggestions, please feel free to comment on this thread.


As part of the x4 project, we want to rework the domain management section to be easier to use and understand for both the naive user and the experienced user.

Possible Interface Breakdown:

  • A Domain Manager interface listing all the domains for your account with various options.
  • A set of creating/editing panels that allow you to create or change each type of domain.
  • A wizard to walk inexperience users through the process of selecting and generating domains on their system.


  • A naive user should have a tool that guides them through selecting a domain type and creating the domain. (Wizard)
  • User should be able to view all the domains for their account in a consolidated view.
  • Users should be able to sort their domains by:
  • Name
  • Type (Domain, SubDomain, Parked Domain, Addon Domain, ???)
  • Root Directory
  • Users should be able to filter their domains by:
  • Name
  • Type
  • If there are more the 10 domains, the domain list should include a mechanism to allow paging including:
  • Selecting the current page.
  • Selecting the page size.
  • Last sort, filter, page size, page should be memorized between uses of the page along with other key user selected options.
  • Users should be able to create each of the domain types.
  • The root for a domain should be automatically created.
  • Users should be able to edit the root for the domain at creation/edit time, it must be a folder that exists on their account root.
  • The user should be able to select the root directory from the domain by browsing their folders.
  • Each domain name entered should be valid.
  • Users should be able to delete a domain from their system.
  • Users should be able to edit some of the properties for each of the domains associated with their account.

Nice To Have/Ideas:

  • Consider integrating redirects directly into the domain editor. Possibly into the domain creation tool.
  • Each domain should have a description field so the user can add notes about what the domain is used for or similar.
  • Auto-generated sub-domains should be visible in the interface somehow: www.<main-domain>.<tld>.
  • Shortcuts to applications related the sites for each domain should be linked in the domain lister:

  • SSL
  • FileManger


Jan 11, 2011
It looks like a great new "goal oriented" method. I fully support this exact setup for Emails as well. The more options you can remove to organize into a new wizard is better in my opinion.

It'll help new users find what their doing, and experienced users to look over all their settings quickly and easily sorting as needed.