Nov 10, 2010

Last night I was about to complete migration of 200+ website via WHM's multiple account copy feature. Fortunately I discovered that MySQL DB's/User's for several accounts were not copied inspite of 'Ok' status in the Account copy process.

The reason for this was MySQL (errno: 24) i.e. open_files limit of 1024 was reached. Its an another thing that limit was set so low, but main issue was why when MySQL restoration failed, the account copy status was not changed to failed. This I feel should be treated as a bug.

Secondly in order to get a clean copy of all those 200+ accounts, I used 'Terminate Multiple Accounts' feature. This process again took 3+ hrs., but actually as per the 'Account Termination' emails, this process took 45 min. I believe in those 3+ hrs., I was just looking at the cool JS/CSS stuff notifications in the browser window for each account, whereas the accounts had already been deleted quite a while ago. Each set of notification messages took about 30-45 seconds. So indeed it wasted a lot of my time and my sleep also. Ideally why don't cPanel devs. design a system where we get one single notification for each account in the browser is synced with actual terminations. And if once is interested to go about the details, they can click on view log etc. Please treat it as a feature request.

Also why doesn't WHM setup check for 1024 MySQL's default open_files limit and warn the admin about it. Please treat it as a feature request.

And lastly, please design a background based multiple account copier process like easyapache. That would indeed add value to WHM. Its a feature request.