Possible to customize entropychat output?


Jan 3, 2006
I have a client who would like to customize the output of entropychat on a shared server.

Entropychat outputs a frameset with 3 frames in 2 rows. The top row (2 frames) contains the chat in the left frame and the name of the room(channel) and user names (currently chatting) in the left frame. The bottom frame contains the form, a text area, used to enter the chat text.

Specifically, he wants to remove the top right frame that displays the name of the room(channel) and user names as well as the "say" and "act" submit buttons in the form in the bottom frame that entropychat outputs.

Is it possible to customize the output from port 2084?

If not, is there a way to install his own stand-alone copy of entropychat within his file space?




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Feb 6, 2004
IIRC cPanel upgrade and maintain entropychat automagically so any customization would be wiped everytime an upgrade was performed.

On my system the last upgrade was November 7 2005 version 2.0.6.

There is a tar ball of version 2.0.4 in my:
but no 2.0.6 tar ball on my system. Not sure why.

The script is in perl so if you want to try and customize it then you will find it here:
You could always set the immutable attribute after but be aware it would not be upgraded.

I suppose if you use the tar ball you could install it on your clients space, again not sure about that. You could always ask cPanel direct about that.

Is it essential your client use entropychat? There are many free alternatives (Google/HotScripts) out there that may suit his needs and would therefore be configurable also perhaps.

Not much help really but good luck with it.

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Mar 9, 2004
Why not create a framset html page in your web space that uses the sameurls as the framsets you're looking at but change the one you don;t want anymore to your own url that does do what you want.

(IE view the source luke ;) )