Possible to increase partition size?


Oct 3, 2010
We have a server that uses WHM 11.26.20 and cPanel 11. One of the sites that is hosted on the server is installed on /dev/sda2 which is partitioned for 20gb and it's almost full:

/dev/sda2 20G 18G 1.5G 93% /usr

The hard drive has a partition /dev/sda8 that's empty and has 364gb free.

/dev/sda8 402G 18G 364G 5% /home

Can I increase the partition size of sda2 to 50G and reduce sda8 to 352G by using WHM or cPanel? I deleted some tmp files on /usr that were about 3G yesterday but the usage size on sda2 didn't go down. Help?