Possible to modify Boxtrapper's core functionality?


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Oct 7, 2003
Valencia, CA
Is there ANY way to turn off or disable the challenge/response functionality for Boxtrapper? If it didn't send those out it wouldn't be creating its own spam, and it would then be a GREAT tool for clients who want to trap unwanted email before it hits their inbox. They could simply whitelist any addresses and/or domains they would like to receive mail from (and if they wish also set the auto-whitelist feature to add addresses they send to), and leave everything else in Boxtrapper for later review or ultimate auto-deletion. Wouldn't that make it a great email tool?

SOMEONE'S got to know how to alter Boxtrapper to do this. Honestly, I think cPanel would be smart to do it themselves and make the challenge/response portion of the program configurable to be on or off on a per account (or even per cPanel installation) basis. We'd recommend it to ALL our clients then!