PostgreSQL/phpPgAdmin Permission Question


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Oct 28, 2003
Hi everyone.

I installed PostgreSQL last night as per the instructions and everything went very smoothly. So far creating databases, adding users, giving users permissions to a database and all that works fine in cPanel. My question is about giving permission for the cPanel user to access the Postgres databases.

Right now, I can login to phpPgAdmin with the cPanel username and password and it lists the databases and tables fine. However if I try to browse a table, I get "Permission denied for table_name" and cannot proceed. If I try to login to phpPgAdmin with the database username and password that owns the tables, I get "No databases found". I've done forum searches about this and so far have found more questions than answers. One thread pointed to a Usenet suggestion to do a "GRANT ALL ON table TO user" which worked, but that would be very inconvenient for a client to have to do that for every table they want to access via phpPgAdmin.

Is there some way to do this so all a user's Postgres databases/tables/data can be accessed easily via phpPgAdmin with the cPanel username/password and without the user having to do anything special? Something similar to how phpMyAdmin allows access would be great.

Thanks in advance.

cPanel 10.9.0-CURRENT 93
PostgreSQL 8.2.0
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Apr 19, 2005

Bump - I am having the same issue now. Created a database, and a user, and associated the two. Next, when I use PhpPgAdmin, it hasn't associated the two! What gives??!! Is PostgreSQL supported by Cpanel or not? :mad:
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