Feb 27, 2012
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I'd like to use a postwwwacct script to obtain the user data when an account is created.
I created the script and placed it as /scripts/postwwwacct
To test the script I simply let it create a file in the /scripts/ directory.
The script is executable as root as I tested the script successfully as root via SSH.
However, when I "Create a new Account" in WHM the script is not run, as the test file is not created.

I also added some testing code to /scripts/wwwacct and it doesn't seem to run upon account creation.
Somebody has idea what might be the problem there?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here's the script (I tried php and perl):
open FILE, ">", "file.txt" or die $!;
print FILE "test";
close FILE;
WHM Version: WHM 11.30.6 (build 4)
cPanel Version: 11.30.6 (build 4)
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Jun 17, 2010
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If the script is chmod +x, then it should run. However, I'd recommend using the new cPanel Standardized Hooks system rather than /scripts/postwwacct. The new system allows for multiple hooks at each insertion point (function) and has a debug system.

Basic Usage | Standardized Hooks

Create a defining your hook:


print << "EOM";
            "namespace": "Whostmgr",
            "function": "Accounts::Create",
            "stage": "post",
            "hook": "/location/to/your/postwwwacct"

Then add your script hook with:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/manage_hooks add script

Then, you can add debughooks=2 to /var/cpanel/cpanel.config and run /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2 --updatetweaksettings.

After that, you will see all the hook information and error output in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log