Jan 26, 2004
I have some presales questions that I'd like answered before I consider purchasing cPanel.

1) My customers frequently do not buy domains, so I set them up with subdomains of domains I already own.

Is it possible to add subdomains from other domains to people's accounts ? So the Subdomain would function as their main domain ? IE and then they could add subdomains such as ...

What if is assigned as a domain for one user. But another customer wants on their account as well ?

2) Can I still add accounts from command line, via useradd that function as normal Linux environment accounts ?

3) Can I edit apache / named / exim / files directly, or does cPanel provide the facility for me to setup e-mailing lists accounts / etc/ for domains that don't even belong to a customer.

4) I have one customer who uses my exim server as a relay from his server to the outside world, so I allow him access based on his IP, is this possible with cPanel, or will cPanel allow me to directly edit exim config to allow it ?

5) Can I edit global webalizer and AWStats configurations in order to include things such as hostname groupings

6) What if I want and to go to the same subdomain ? can I simply add a Serveralias directly in the apache vhost config ?

7) What if I have custom DNS entries, can I modify zone files directly or though cPanel ? (Preferably Directly)