Prevent EasyApache from removing the httpd package


Dec 7, 2010
I was trying to install mod-pagespeed on my server. It depends on the httpd package. Since httpd is added to yum exclude list by cpanel, the installation is failing. Hence I tried creating a dummy rpm which provides the 'httpd' package, so that I can install mod-pagespeed. The installation was successful.

But when I try to make any changes in Easy Apache 4 from WHM, I am being warned that both the packages will be automatically removed.

Please review the following list of packages you are about to uninstall by provisioning this profile.
httpd mod-pagespeed-beta

I am not trying to install a new httpd server. The dummy package's spec contains just 'Provides: httpd' and does not install any files. I want WHM to leave the dummy package undisturbed. Is it possible?