Prevent Email Abuse/Spamming on the server


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Nov 3, 2007

I am still having little bit confusion for choosing "nobody", (Which setting will prevent nobody from sending email on/off ?) What should I choose, Off or ON ?

Prevent “nobody” from sending mail [?]
Prevent the user “nobody” from sending out mail to remote addresses
(PHP and CGI scripts generally run as “nobody” if you are using mod_php or have Suexec disabled.)

I have checked "Configure PHP and suEXEC"

PHP 5 Handler configured value is suphp
Apache suEXEC configured value is on

Enable WHM's SMTP Restrictions
Spammers commonly attempt to work around mail security settings by interacting directly with remote mail servers. WHM's SMTP Restrictions can prevent users from doing so.

In CSF configuration there is a same option of "SMTP_BLOCK"
This option in WHM will not function when running csf. You should disable WHM > Security Center > SMTP Tweak and use the csf configuration option SMTP_BLOCK instead

Which one is recommended cPanel's "SMTP Restrictions" OR CSF's "SMTP_BLOCK"

Please advise ?
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