Prevent FTP Account Manager "Delete Account" from Deleting Core Web Files


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Mar 16, 2013
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Prevent FTP Account Manager "Delete Account" from Deleting Core Web Files

I had originally posted this under feature requests but it was rejected, so I instead post it here to here from the rest of the community.

While I get that this is only an option provided to users when deleting account, users aren't always the most tech savvy bunch. When an FTP account folder root is pointed to say "public_html", and they delete the additional FTP account, if they proceed to choose the 'delete account and files option', it will proceed to wipe out all files in public_html.

Some level of "tool rights" logic should be added here, maybe to say if it's associated with an active add-on domain or core folders like "public_html" that the files cannot be removed from said tool. Ether by simply not presenting the delete files option or returning with an error to the effect of "This folder is associated with xx domain and cannot be deleted via FTP account manager"

We are a very small hosting company compared to most and we see this happen at least once a month to one of our users which means us digging out a back-up and doing a partial restore, thus eating valuable staff time.

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NOTE: I fully understand that there is a prompt, but users aren't horribly tech savvy at times and simply don't always mentally link the repercussions of this option, or possibly are accessing cPanel in english instead of their native language ... I don't really know why it happens :).


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You mentioned that your feature request was rejected. Could you let us know the URL to the feature request that you submitted?

Thank you.