Prevent subdomain access to parent folder?


May 14, 2019
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For example:
I have "" and i use "cpanel"
In "cpanel -> Domains -> Subdomains"
i create
Subdomain: ""
Document Root: "/home/abc/public_html/hisfolder"

And i will give this address to my customer
i don't want he access to my other files except "hisfolder"
He must only access with "ftp" to "hisfolder" and my Database.

And i create In "cpanel -> Files -> Ftp Accounts"
Login: "[email protected]"
Password: "*****"
Directory: "/home/abc/public_html/hisfolder"

With "filezilla" or etc. he only access "hisfolder" he can't access to parent folders and files OK.
But when he write a ".php" file like:

$dir = '../';
$files = scandir($dir);

$phpApiFile = file_get_contents('../api.php');
echo $phpApiFile;

and upload to "/home/abc/public_html/hisfolder/index.php" he can now access to my files?

  1. He should add his .php files and connect to database
  2. He should not access to my files
So how can i do this both agents? what am i do?

Please Help me.
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