Preventing backups from eating through all available disk?


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Jul 9, 2015
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Most people seem to have problems with load during backup. Load is the last thing I'm worried about; our server is powerful and that has been fine.

My problem (and I know a lot of others are having this problem as well, as evidenced by quite a few other threads) is that local backups are able to pile up while the completed accounts ahead transfer off-site. This really does result in wasting literally 50% of your disk needlessly.

I've got backup limited to 1 pigz process, which keeps backup generation slow enough to keep up, for the most part, but it's not something I can count on.

Are we going to see any progress in this area any time soon? Something like the following would be a great option:

...Zipping account 1...
...Zipping account 1 complete...
...Start transfer of account 1...
...Start zipping account 2...
...Zipping account 2 complete...
...Waiting for account 1 transfer to complete before zipping account 3...