Primary, Secondary Nameserver. Do I have to answer?


Aug 3, 2002
I'm actually not a new CPanel/WHM user... but one aspect of it has always confused me and I still can't figure out what's going on.

I have a dedicated server to run a website. I registered the domain with some 3rd party registrar and use their DNS/nameservers. I have no interest in running my own.

When I setup WHM/Cpanel, in the intial setup, it requires me to enter a Primary Nameserver and Secondary Nameserver.

I still have no idea what I should put in it if I have no plans on running a nameserver. In the past, I've put but those domains never existed. i've gotten by I guess... but I run into weird error messages at times when parking/adding domains.

So, what should I put in those places if I don't want to run a nameserver?