Jul 5, 2006
I am moving from an outside reseller hosting company to HostGator - Dedicated servers.
(my old server is at an outside company, so asking support to move won't work).

I am using the same ns1 and ns2 names as the old server, of course different IPs.

I will not register the new IPs with my registrar until I am ready to move my clients over, otherwise they will all go down and it may take days or week until I learn how to configure and use dedicated servers, by then I will be out of business...not happening, I can not register it.

With that in mind, same names, different IPs, and not registering new IPs, how do I make the new dedicated server look at the new IPs for my NS1 and NS2 servers?

It is driving crazy, since it is looking to the old IPs instead. I know it can be done, otherwise moving would be impossible....what should I do then?

Any ideas how to do it? and why the server is looking for the old?

help gladly appreciated!!