Private Name Servers Update Cpanel Settings.

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Apr 14, 2020
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Agenda: Create a cpanel account with private name servers and print "Hi".

I need suggestions on how to proceed further.

I have domain from godaddy.

Pointed it to Aws Ec2 instance. Created Private Name Servers. Both of them ping. Format is AND

When I login first in whmcs, the two name servers shown were of the format AND

As I saw in the tutorial, I edited the dns zone in the main hostname, to my private name server and added a record too. Somehow got it workiing. Made an index file and wrote "Hi" in it. On opening, "Hi" was printed.

Another domain I have from Another Godaddy Account.

In order to create a new account in whmcs. I updated the name server of to [ AND ]

Did I do the above step correct? Both domains are from another account.

Now moving forward, I tried to create the cpanel account for Nameservers used is [ AND ] . But it says Dns Probe Finished.

What steps with proper should I take to add the through whmcs panel account?


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Nov 14, 2017

Did you create your nameservers at WHM>>Server Configuration>>Basic WebHost Manager Setup? By doing this those nameservers will automatically be assigned to accounts added to the cPanel server, then all you'll need to do is go to the registrar and point the domain to the nameservers your created.

For setting up /configuring WHMCS I'd suggest looking at their documentation here: Setup/Configuration - WHMCS Documentation