Sep 21, 2002
heres whats been giving me problem

1) i go to (whm)
login as a reseller/root
2) i go to 'create new account' and create any account.
3) i bring up a shell window and run the top -c
4) i from whm now i 'terminate account' the one u just created

the top -report would show a 'yes' process running and hogging up
everything. i just kill that process and on whm i would see it finish with the rest of the account termination.

the problem behiind this seem to lie in a script /scripts/killacct
in the line that reads -
system(&yes | /usr/bin/mysqladmin drop $db 2&/dev/null&);
this part tries to delete the mysql database for that particular user. but
it appears it gets stuck somehow after finishing deleting.
i tried running just this bit seperately and it works fine.

if anyone would be able to let me know what needs to be done about this i would highly appreciate it.