Problem logging onto email and WHM


May 17, 2009
Hi There,

Im having problems logging into my emails and WHM, i can open cPanel no problem, however, when i click on webmail, then Horde (All OK so far) but when the next logon page comes up i click the blue logon button and a new window open as usual, however, the page then loads with

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.

Im clearly connected to the internet as everything else loads.

I also get the same thing happen when i click on the WHM icon in cPanel.

I have tried turning off firewalls, used a different browser, used a different laptop to no avail.

I am having the same trouble with all website email addresses on this server which has also been checked and OK'd

Any ideas???

Thank you in advance.


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Nov 29, 2006
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Yes, i still get the same problem.

I have tried turning both AV and windows firewall off and still have the same problem.

Also, I tried a different email from one other domain on the server and it let me log in so now im really confused?????
I recommend you contact your hosting provider for assistance. If they need assistance, feel welcome to have them contact our technical analysts: