Problem: new created customer group does not work.


Feb 1, 2012
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This morning, I created a new customer group by users->user group-> Add user group and set it to type customer.

Currently, the products in my websites are set to be seen by any customer groups.

But after the customers in new group cannot see any products and this never happens before since I have created many groups.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated and I am waiting on-line.

Thank you for your help.


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Oct 2, 2010
somewhere over the rainbow
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It appears that a ticket (2246281) was likewise opened about this issue and sent to our bugs queue.

Of note, this doesn't appear to be a cPanel or WHM setting, so it wouldn't be something we can assist with on the forum or in our ticket system. You'd need to take this up with your hosting provider who is the company you pay for your website account.