Problem redirecting php site to forum page


May 3, 2012
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Hi. My name is Greg. I am new to cpanel and have come across a big problem that I can't get my head around. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a domain with several pages and on the cpanel redirect tab I have added the extension


I have installed a vbulletin forum at the domain and I want to get to this site by clicking on the index.php?p=1_12 on the main site.

The problem I am having is that when I click redirect to finalize the command, it changes in the cpanel database from 'index.php?p=1_12' to simply 'index.php' and as a result all of the pages on my domain redirect to the forum, not just the 1_12 page.

Does anyone know how to correct this?

Also, is it possible for the redirected page to automatically open in a new window? And if so, how?

Any help would be awesome!

Thanks. Greg.