Problem Report: SpamAssasin and AutoDelete


Oct 9, 2008
I have discovered a bit of a problem in cPanel's execution of Auto-Delete of messages which SpamAssassin has scored as spam.

Step 1: Configure SpamAssassin to classify any score as spam. 4 or 5, maybe.
Step 2: Enable Auto Delete.

Now go to Account Level Filtering and look at the "Generated SpamAssassin Discard Rule." It says:

"If the Spam Bar header contains +, discard message."

Problem: any message scoring more than zero will contain at least one + in the Spam Bar header. This filter will thus discard any message scoring more than zero.

Now click "edit" for that rule and look at the instruction for filtering all mail marked as spam. It is completely different:

"To filter all mail that SpamAssassin has marked as spam, just choose "Spam Status", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box."

My question then, is this:

If the recommended rule for deleting spam is one in which the Spam Bar begins with "Yes," why does enabling Auto Delete create a completely different rule, not to mention one that will delete far more than what you want scored as spam?

Am I mistaken?

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