Problem resolving Nameservers


May 20, 2006
Hello! I need a a overhaul of how the nameservers on cpanel/whm work, we are new root owners of a beautiful server and do not know how to utilize it as best as we can. Currently we have it setup so that our main domain -> and ->, using server beach dns tool to propergate properly to our server. however this is creating to many jumps in our DNS and causing timeouts and such, infact its not working what so ever.

How can we directly setup ns1 and, say we tell our domain registrar to register our nameservers with our server ip's and add it to whm, are are all set? is that all we need to do?

ps. im a php programmer, not a system admin sorry :'[

thanks! <-noob->


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Oct 8, 2003
Tampa, Fl
More or less, yes.
Go to namecheap, modify the "" record and create the name servers, assigning them each an IP off our machine. Then change the "" record to use those name servers.
Then edit the "" zone file in WHM, adding both "ns1" and "ns2" with their respective IP's as a "A" records. Save the zone file and give it a few (15 to 30) minutes for the zone to propagate.


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Feb 12, 2008
This process is looking up the nameservers at the registrar level. It reads the
whois database and assigns the ip this way. To change the ip you will need to
change this at the registrar.

There is also an option to change this in "tweak settings"
Just log into WHM as root and click on

Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings
look for

"Disable whois lookups for the nameserver IP manager."
and check the box.