SOLVED Problem searching emails via Roundcude after transfering account


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Sep 26, 2016
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A client was hosted in one server and I moved it to another. Both cPanel v78, transferred via Transfer Tool. After the migration, the search box stopped working for old emails in webmail (Roundcube). When searching, Roundcube only find emails after the migration. Solr is installed, and it was also on the old server.

How do I reset this search / index? Any idea how to fix?

Thank you.


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello @Rogerio,

Here's a quote from one of our Technical Analysts in response to a similar question in a support ticket:

I've spent some time attempting to replicate the problem you've experienced in a testing environment, and I find that when restoring an account the inboxes for all email accounts under it do get properly re-scanned:

[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: Progress: 52% (2019-01-29 17:47:42 -0600)
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: MailFix
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: Fixing mail permissions
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]:
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: Converting to maildir if needed
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]:
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: Rescanning mailboxes for full text search (FTS) if needed
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: ...3 rescanned... Done
[ 2339][RESTORE:1 ][A:hb1 ]: MailFix

And, they do end up being searchable.

However, if you transfer the accounts without the home directories, then it only scans the empty maildir for the cPanel user during the restore process, because only that will exist initially. In such cases, you will see "1 rescanned" in the transfer log.
You can rescan the mailbox index using the fts_rescan_mailbox UAPI command. EX:

uapi --user=username Email fts_rescan_mailbox
Let me know if this helps.

Thank you.