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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BLWS, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. BLWS

    BLWS Guest

    XMB, forums.. well every kind of forum there is WONT WORK now since the last update.. maybe it did something bad to php?
  2. feanor

    feanor Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2001
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    Define &last update&?

    what exactly is the trouble with XMB?
    I don't have any reports of anything at all but if you spawned some details I would imagine we'd all be able to come up with something......

    What exactly is happening?
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  3. BLWS

    BLWS Guest

    We had cpanel 29

    We now have cpanel 30 something

    See the error @
  4. BLWS

    BLWS Guest

    Sometimes the error doesnt show and instead is a blank page

    but an example is

    -orum XMm--Developo Not removeB Grse H-& s--Devehtmlssheade

    that is all it loaded on the page
  5. SHSaeed

    SHSaeed Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2002
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    Hmm.. This is what I get when I load the page, it keeps changing everytime I load it..

    [quote:c236ba8d3d]XMB Endagic Lantern Final gorfglue TsP1mily.06ngB aio& XMB E0 &c LantMB &; // ang)Lt: b=ecsd0Lt/ditio& XMB En XMB +it.meif (&c LantMBB Popup(u4XMB& En LafalsmebeoriesnA) E ssi XMB esn MB En XMB Popup(uf (&c LantMBB Popup(u4XM XMBn LafalsmebeoriesnA) E ssiiesnA)+ esn &c LantMBB Popup(u4XMB& En Lafalsmebeor XMBn L E ssiiesnA)+ = navav._chs(swtch)&c LantMBB ngB eevlwtch)&c Lant XMBn L E ssiies)&c Lant XMBn LafalsmebeoriesnA)+it.m(&c LantMBB Popup(u4XM XMBn XMBnt(&HBB M s6 Magic La1ick chsany ofsi f XMBLbutt.06 ang)gorfgii f d; sBn.06.&)t(&HBB XMB PLant XMBn0Popup(u4XM(u4XMB& En LafalsmebeorebeoriesnA)+it.m(&c LantMBB Popup(u4XMXMB esn MB Ent(&HBB M s6 Magic LAdvanc chsan-BegBB C eswill be; sgicwout ogiis as soi fs you hitLbutt.0.&)t(&HBB XMB PLant XMBn2Popup(u4XM(u4XMB& En Lafalsmebeorebeori)&c Lant XMBn LafalsmebeoriesnA)+it.m(&MB Ent(&HBB M s6 Magic LNsnA) chsanpMns XMBn)/],efLDAisusesbtamily:t: byck chs L E ssiies)&c Lant XMB'ahpup(uproc; sbutt.0E s fs you(u4XMB& 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    And sometimes I only get one line..

    [quote:c236ba8d3d]www.aventure-mAvea & Thetern Grouper --& www.arStnontNot removese Hper -shtmlhf &e-mtern[/quote:c236ba8d3d]
  6. BLWS

    BLWS Guest


    she is screwed.. :|

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