Problem upgrading osCommerce - can't upgrade through WHM


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May 28, 2004
Hi all.

We have 2 osCommerce deprecated versions (2.2ms2-051113) and we need to upgrade them to 2.2ms2-060817 (available at WHM).

When we try to upgrade I got this:
Upgrading augcampo cPanel::Ecommerce::OSCommerce.0 installation here...
cPAddon cPanel::Ecommerce::OSCommerce

This is a cPanel packaged module. (v0.1)


This Addon has been modified (or the upgrade test failed) and is no longer updatable via this function.

If you really want to force the upgrade please type the following in to the form below:

I fully understand what I am doing and take full responsibility for my actions. I have backed up all my data so I can remove the installation, reinstall fresh and import my old info into the new install if necessary. I understand that anything that breaks by forcing this upgrade is 100% my responsibility.

I copy and paste phrase to the forme, click in the button and WHM returns to "cPAddon Scripts Client Install Manager" again whithout upgrade (same if I don't write the text or write it wrong way).

Any idea?

Thank you. Regards.