Problem when installing CentOS 4.1 on SuperMicro 6014P-8R

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Nov 4, 2002

I have a SuperMicro 6014P-8R server with two scsi harddisks and an extra Adaptec 2010S scsi raid card.

Now, installing CentOS 3.4 gives no problems. The installer loads automatically the dpt_i2o scsi driver and the hard drivers are recognized.

BUT when I try to install a newer version of CentOS, such as 4.0 or 4.1, then the installer prompts with the following question:

"No hard drives were found. Do you wish to load a driver from the list ?"

Then I say yes and I choose for the i2o block driver. The installer loads this driver and I am able to see and partition the hard drives.

The install (type=server) runs fine without any further trouble. BUT when I reboot the server after the install, this happens:

Loading Linux........................................
Uncompressing Linux...

Invalid compressed format (err=2)

-- system halted

Has anyone an idea what could be the problem ? How should I install CentOS 4.1 on my SuperMicro server ?

Kinds regards