Problem WHM and nameservers points to different domain.


Sep 9, 2014
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Hi to everyone and nice to meet you!

Recently we transferred our domains to a new dedicated server with whm.
We've been experiencing a problem since then. After the configuration of whm
we created the nameservers &, but when someone hit those nameservers on the url bar (, returns the content of another domain inside the server (which by the way was the first domain i transferred to the new server). After that we tried to change the A records of & from DNS Functions > Edit DNS Zone to another IP that hosts the domain (because of an SSL), then the nameservers changed and were pointing to the subdomain instead of We don't know what else needs to be done in order for the nameservers to resolve as supposed to e.g.

1. when hit on the url bar you see the content of
2. when change the IP to the dedicated and hit you see the content of
3. was the first domain transferred to the server and has a dedicated IP because of an SSL.

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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's normal to see the contents of the default VirtualHost for an IP address when accessing a subdomain that does not exist in the Apache configuration. There is a thread on modifying the default VirtualHost at:

Default content for IP address

Thank you.