Nov 29, 2003
We are having a problem with some server overload issues.
We are not having any server speeds issues. server seems to be performing well.

However we get this email several times a day.

Anyone got a fix for this?
Or should we even be concerned?

IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.
This is cPanel stats runner on server 0012!
While processing the log files for user webmarke, the cpu has been
maxed out for more than a 6 hour period. The current load/uptime line on the server at the time of
this email is
04:00:42 up 2 days, 11:08, 0 users, load average: 2.59, 0.67, 0.25
You should check the server to see why the load is so high and take
steps to lower the load. If you want stats to continue to run even with a high load; Edit
/var/cpanel/cpanel.config and change extracpus to a number larger then 0 (run
/usr/local/cpanel/startup afterwards to pickup the changes).

Thanks in advance.