Problem with Coppermine batch upload

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Nov 4, 2002
Hi all,

I have a problem on my server with Coppermine bacth upload.

So when I ftp some pictures to a directory within the albums directory and afterwards I want via the admin of Coppermine place these pictures in an album, it goes wrong, nothing really happens.

When I select "batch upload" and I choose the directory where the pictures are and click next, then you normally see an overview with thumbnails of all the pictures and you can check pictures on or off, BUT here begins te problem I guess because the thumbnails are not generated. I see only standard red crosses instead.

I use the latest stable version of coppermine, provided by CpAddons, v 1.4.8
I use php 4.4.2 and MySQL 4.0.27
ImageMagick and GB 2 are installed
Also Zend Optimizer is runniung on this server.

On another server I have this problem with batch upload not, but there an older version of Coppemine is running, V1.3.3

What could be the problem ?

Thanks for your help !