Problem with copying account from server to server


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Oct 16, 2001
I have several clients that use a gallery program from Being PHP when it creates files it assigned the ownership and group of &nobody&.

I did the WHM account copy function and when the files ended up on the new server all of the files that were owned by &nobody& are now owned by the &username&. Well as you can tell my clients program now fails until I chown and chgrp the files and they become very upset.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

How does the copy function work, I assumed it tar's up the files. I was wondering why it would not preserver file ownership?

I also had one just one site out of over 100 that for some reason it would not copy the MySQL databases and I can not figure out why that is. Everything else copied just fine and it was a rather large site. I ended up dumping and moving the 4 databases but I am puzzled why just this one account.