Problem with cpanel Site Software installation


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Jul 23, 2014
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Root Administrator

I own shared server. Today one user install via cpanel sitesoftware wordpress, and I got notification as root administrator to approve installation. I did it.

Then I went to Tweak settings and sow that Notify moderator of sitesoftware installation was set on on.

Does it couse that I needed to allow manually instalation of wordpress script.

Now I set this settings to off

Alert the cPAddons Site Software administrator of pending moderation requests is now set to off.

Does it means that in the future my users can install site software without my approval, or I just will not be informed of new installation requests.

I would like to allow All users to install Site Software themselves, without my approval.

Is this new settings allow that, or I need to do something more.

Thank you in advance! :)