Problem with dependencies and lost network after installing cPanel and reboot on a VMWare Workstation with Ubuntu 20.40


Dec 23, 2021
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I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.40 on a VMWare Workstation.
When installing cPanel i got several error with dependencies.
All of them are installed after the first attempt to install cPanel, but i always get the error with the libsnmp35 that depend on libmysqlclient21, and are both updated.
Also after these problems, when I restart the VMWare, I lost my connection to the internet. I'm using for the network setting of the VMWare and I already tried the bridged network setting with static IP, but it didn't work either.

Can anyone help me.

I can found nothing on google about thhe dependencies of those libraries, and the lost of network I found was not useful.

Thank you very much.