Feb 20, 2012
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Reseller Owner
Hey everyone, just confused about something thats occuring all the sudden. I have a WHM/CPanel server setup inside DMZ at my workplace. Thus the outside IP address is different from the internal network IP that the server is given. I was told by Cpanel to use the external IP address for the main IP bound to the server(when originally it was set to the internal). I did that and it didnt break anything. But upon creating new accounts. It uses the outside IP address. Which gives me that default error page on the new account created. Old accounts still work tied to the internal IP. And I can fix the new account by changing the IP to the internal and then resetting the dns zone for it. But i'll have to do that on every account I create(some of which would be created automatically by WHMCS). Im confused as hell as to why this is happening or what is the correct way to set this up. I have a VPS WHM/Cpanel from digital ocean and CPanel was automatically tied to the external(which works fine. No problems at all.... Is the whole setting up the server inside our DMZ creating all these problems? Or is there a way around this problem? Btw the primary domain is pointing to the external IP address. And that external IP turns around and points to the internal IP of the server. Thanks ahead of time