Sep 30, 2004
Well theres one domain registered on my server and my freind went in WHM and edited somthing beacuse he couldn't load the site "like an idiot" well now since he did that it was his own fualt why the site wouldn't work beacuse his firewall but any way since he did that somthing's up with the DNS beacuse now the site only works like this and not when we try adding www to it and going to it then it brings us to a root folder it shows rvadmin folder and cgi-bin I don't own the server but I'm allowed to have access from the person who does and my sites hosted of the server wich now is messed up but yeah it's as if we had switched the ip for the account so I don't know exactly whats wrong with it but any help would be greatly apreciated.
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Nov 13, 2003
different problem can be found:

1) you both can't see domain for dns cache reason. solution - just try use proxy. after about 24-72 (sometimes may be more time) your localisp dns cache will updated and everything will work good.
2) your dns records for domain missed. solution: check your domain zone (can be done by using in WHM - Zone edit menu item)
3) your www folder is missed. check it in /home/username there should be exist www silmlink (linked to public_htm). solution: create symlink if it is not exist already

ln -s public_html www

3) your httpd.conf missed ServerAlias (should be something like Solution - add it, saved httpd.conf and restart httpd.

Except above nothing may be wrong, so just follow insturction.