Nov 12, 2005
We switched from Ensim to cPanel this past weekend. Since then our emails have been a mess.

/etc/valiases/domanname.com is completely different from what you see in cPanel Forwarders.

But that is not the biggest problem. Problem is that I cannot use :fail: or :blackhole: properly. Or at least the way I believe it is properly. My understanding is that if catch-all is set to :fail: email should still be delivered to all proper email accounts and forwarders including the main account. Is that correct? I've been butting head with my server admin company for this past week regarding straightening out email. Here is their latest reply:

Both :fail: and :blackhole: won't deliver email to main inbox. If main account is cbranson then catch-all should be set like this:
*: cbranson
in order to have all email forwarded to main account.

It is almost as if we speak different language? Am I right that even if catch-all is set to :fail: email to cbranson should still get delivered? I am really getting tired of this and would appreciate if anyone can either help me figure this out or can do work for hire and fix this server-wide. We have 87 domains on this server.

Thank you,