Problem with frontpage extensions showing as installed without really being.


Aug 14, 2009

I'm having problem with frontpage extensions. They are disabled for the domain, but still showing as "installed" on the "FrontPage Extensions" page.

Even if I reinstall and then uninstall, it keeps always as "installed". The problem is that I can't access Htpasswords anymore.

From where cPanel gets the information this is installed?



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Jan 22, 2011
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The "detection" that FrontPage extensions are installed seems to be a simple search for the string "frontpage" within the .htaccess file itself. It is not case-sensitive. Any mention of the string "frontpage" in .htaccess will cause cPanel to believe you have it installed, even if it's in a commented line.

Removing the string "frontpage" from the .htaccess expression fixed this entirely.

In short, if you're getting an error claiming FrontPage extension are installed but they are actually not installed, search your .htaccess for "frontpage" and remove all instances of it. Keep in mind, though, you may need to "fix" some of your expressions/rules when you remove the string "frontpage". In my example, the adjacent OR operator (the "|") had to be removed as well to keep the expression syntactically correct.

NOTE: If you *do* have FrontPage extensions intentionally installed, you'll simply need to decide whether or not you want to use FrontPage extensions or cPanel's .htaccess password protected directories. Either/or, not both. This "fix" is only for people who do NOT have FrontPage extensions installed, but are experiencing the error despite this fact.

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