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Problem with mail - where's all my disk space gone?

Discussion in 'E-mail Discussion' started by mersault, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. mersault

    mersault Registered

    Aug 4, 2010
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    We're a tiny NGO with a cPanel X email server. We have 8 active email accounts (out of a possible 10) with a meagre 100MB collective space (the system was set up before I was around).

    Now, setting aside the ridiculously small server size, I'm having a number of problems.

    1) The cPanel control panel says that we're using 100/100 (i.e. all) of our disk space. But then when I check the email accounts section, it shows that we're only using 50MB in total, across the 8 email accounts.

    When I then delve into the 'Disk Space Usage' section, it displays

    Now, setting aside that there's already an extra 8.84MB in the email folder, what is confusing is the displayed total usage beneath all this

    I have no idea where the system got 94.40 from. Adding up the above totals gives you 67.1 MB.

    So, in summary, the main page tells me that we're using 100MB, the disk space usage section breaks down 67.1 MB but totals it to 94.4MB, and the email section only lists 30MB.

    The problem is that any incoming emails are bouncing because the server is assuming the mailbox is full. What (and how) do I delete to clear up space?

    2) As a temporary stop-gap solution, I've set a forwarding email for each of our mailboxes. When I came to do this for one of my colleagues though, I got the message
    What does this mean? I did the exact same thing for all our other email addresses with no problem - why won't the system allow me to set up a forwarding email for this particular address?

    Please excuse both the length of the post, and its lack of technical know-how. I'm not a developer or a programmer, just an NGO employee who needs to receive his emails :)
  2. Lyttek

    Lyttek Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2004
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    First, I'd contact your host and see if you could get some more space... you're right that 100 megs is small.

    As for the forwarder issue, that can popup if the server admin has disallowed forwards to certain domains. For instance, on my server I've disallowed forwarding to aol, yahoo or hotmail accounts. When a user tries to forward to one of those domains, the error you see pops up. There may be other causes though.

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