Problem with mod_security - can't edit WP's posts, get 404


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Mar 24, 2015
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I am having the same problem as described here:

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"... In Wordpress, after updating or saving a new post or existing post, sometime, it will redirect to a 404 page..."
"After read few similar posts – this and this, I find out this is due to the mod_security filtering installed on Apache – If a post contains certain pre-defined dangerous “word combination” like “exec” or “SQL inject commands” like “insert”, the post will be filtered and Wordpress just return a 404 page."

Is there a solution to this issue? It is affecting my site in more ways than just not being able to save edited posts.

I have a dedicated server, and in my main site I use Cloudlflare, but for the other 8 sites I need mod_security enabled, and the solutions provided in this post are not so easy to implement for me.

Can I disable mod_security for just one domain or account?

Thanks for your help!
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