Problem with Quotas in WHM 11.26.8


Sep 22, 2010

I have problem with quota`s on my server. When I try to change the quota of my client from unlimited to 650 MB, the quota changes in cpanel, but the quota remains in WHM unlimited.

Since this problem appears also another problem with quota in Webmail. Webmail is blocked and gives the message "Internal Server Error User 'username' is over quota." When you delete files from /var/cpanel/overquota, webmail works, but after a while the files are created again itself and appears the same problem with webmail.

The version that I use is WHM 11.26.8.

What would you suggest to solve this problem with quotas? Is it necessary to upgrade version of WHM at 11.27/11.28, and if necessary how to do it without lose customer data and other software that I installed with WHM.