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Jun 1, 2002
My Server ---
WHM 4.9.0
Cpanel 4.9.0-29
RedHat 7.1
Apache 1.3.26
Kernel 2.4.16PIII

One of my resellers called. Their email stopped coming in. I looked in WHM and it said he was using 20 mb of 20 mb allocation. &Your site is full, and your email will not come in when full.& I told him. &Not so.&. He said.

I then went to shell and did

cd /home/hisusername

du -h

IT read only 12 mb usage.

WHY does WHM do this? It is causing a problem. It turns out that 4 of his 6 resold accounts have improper readings.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Why does the problem exist on some accounts and not others?
Any solutions?

Scratching my head!


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Aug 13, 2001
I just posted on WHT to this exact same question.

That kernel has been giving us absolute hell with quotas and other various issues as well. Get 2.4.18-5 (or more recent, if available)- or roll back to 2.4.9-34 (very stable & secure for 2.4 series kernel)

on RH 7.1 and beyond those are the best kernel releases so far, as far as stability/security , in past experience!

Good luck!