Problem with services outages


Aug 26, 2007

Please, can someone help me in some issues I am experiencing with my servers? Sorry if I am causing some problem or inconvenience to you, but I am desperate and about to abandon all of this. :(

I have experiencing inumerous outages in the last days, regarding EXIM, Cpanel, etc. These outages was causing inumerous problems, like fail to send and receive mails, fail when trying to access WHM, etc.

I have started the chkservd service, that was not running, but the problems remains. I have two VPS's running CentOs, php 4.x and mySQL 4.x. In one ot them, I have only 12 accounts, with "light" trafic and consuming of resources. At another of them, I have one unique account, with "light" traffic and consuming of resources too.

It seems that chkservd was not restarting services like cpanel and exim when it fails, and I don't don't know why.

I have forgoted the number of times I have to start manually these services. My DC says me that the cause of the outages is a very high number of POP connections to the server.

But, when I was in another company, with VPS's with lower resources, like memory, bandwidth, etc, I never have experienced these problems.

Can someone help me, please?

Best Regards.