Problem with Setting up NS3, NS4 for another server


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Dec 12, 2007
I have one main domain for DNS's.
current name servers of domain is & set to work with Server#1 (cPanel)
Server#1 is working properly.

Now I want to setup another cPanel server (Server#2) and set & for it.
Server#2 has 3 IPs.
ip1 is set for cpanel license.
Ip2 is for main shared ip and for ns3
IP3 if for ns4
I set child name servers with Server#2 IPs in DirectI panel of

then in whm: main >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup >> nameservers:
The root account’s default nameservers used when root creates an account.:
Nameserver 1:
Assign IP address...
IP1 assigned to
add an a entry for this nameserver
I set ip2 for this nameserver a record

Nameserver 2:
Assign IP address...
IP2 assigned to
add an a entry for this nameserver
I set ip3 for this nameserver a record

As I said, I want to setup IP2 & IP3 for name servers. (Assign ip button set ip1 & ip2)
So I changed IP's in /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml & /etc/nameserverips

Then restart Named service

after many hours, I can not ping &
What is the problem? Can anybody help me?
I dont want to change anything in Server#1 coz I want name servers to be independent.

Thank you very much.